Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal: The Rise of Game Shows

Game shows have been around for over 70 years. We could consider them the ancestors of the modern game show and online casino. The very first television show was called "Spelling Bee" and was broadcast in 1938 followed by "Truth or Consequences" in 1941 which was the first game show to air on commercial television. Over the course of the 50's, game shows quickly increased in popularity. Lower stakes daytime gameshows were targeting housewives and higher stakes game shows would air in the evening. Although game shows proved to be very popular in the early fifties, their rise was short lived with most of the higher stake quizz shows being cancelled in 1959 with only the daytime quizz shows remaining. In the 60s, well before online casino games were invented, daytime game shows increased in popularity again with the arrival of shows such as Jeopardy!, Let's Make a Deal and the Dating Game.

Since that time, we've seen many memorable game shows go to air such as The Wheel Of Fortune in the 70's, as well as The Price Is Right which is still on air today. Recently, we have also been seeing different formats like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal. Many of those shows have even been used for online casino games. The extremely popular Deal or No Deal game show was cancelled in 2009 – both prime time and day time versions. But there is good news. You can now play your favorite game shows online. Online game shows and online casinos are on the rise, so you no longer need to shout out to the contestants, shake your head in frustration when the contestant on TV does not accept a deal. You don't need to send in an application along with thousands of others and wait for your chance. Just register and start playing.

Your Lucky Day

your lucky day

Your Lucky Day is a Deal Or No Deal type of video slot game. Fans of 1980s game shows will go nuts for this glitzy setup, with flashing lights, a charming host and a beautiful assistant, and of course piles and piles of money ready to be won. Players can win free spins and enormous jackpots in Your Lucky Day, a five reel slot machine with 20 pay lines. Players can bet up to 400 coins per spin and earn a whopping 5,000 coins during regular gameplay. However, players can find themselves involved in a bonus round of this game show, with a grand total of almost 115,000 coins should you hit the jackpot. In that case, it really must be your lucky day. Keep in mind that the “Your Lucky Day” logo represents a wild trigger on the board, while the television icons represent scatter triggers. If you are fortunate enough to land two hostesses on either side of the reels, you get a chance at the Hi-Lo bonus feature, where you could win more than 19,000 coins in a single spin. Keep pressing your luck though, and you will eventually make it to the money-packed bonus round. Good luck.

Why play online?

If getting close to Howie Mandel and being on national TV were on your agenda when wanting to play Deal or No Deal, online game shows will not help you. But if you are a regular person who dreams of making some quick cash, the pros of online gaming are too many to list. There are no waits, spots are not limited, and you can play as many times as you like. Excited and keen to try? is a great site to check if you are a beginner and want to find more about gaming online. You can play for fun in no deposit casinos from or you can add to the fun by betting some money. Online casinos are addictive, perhaps even more so than regular ones so remember to put a limit! Game shows have been shown to act as stress relievers and increase alertness. They are a good way to exercise those brain cells, even shows based on luck like Deal or No Deal.

your lucky day

Playing online means that you do not have to complete an application and wait keeping your fingers crossed. You decide when to play, what to play and how much to play. There are so many online casino games to choose from! Just take a look at and explore! Casino games like slots, roulette tables, blackjack and craps are just the beginning. Of course, the glamour of appearing on TV is something else, but you can still have a lot of fun with online casinos. Online game shows and casinos are perfect if you are unable to travel or are a private individual who just wants a chance to play and win, without the paraphernalia.

How to win?

your lucky day

Winning big in Deal or No Deal is based on luck. Which bag you choose depends on you and you alone. Then what is the fun? It might seem like there is little to do other than call out a deal, but playing to win on TV big requires sharp focus and good attitude. Did you know that the deals offered by the banker depend on your risk-taking and the personality that you exhibit? If you appear to be a low risk player, the offers will be smaller. Winning does involve luck, but going in with the right attitude improves your chance of securing a good deal. Of course, when you are playing online, particularly of you're playing slots, the computer has lesser chance to access your personality and risk behavior. But the speed with which you play and time taken to complete each step, will be taken into consideration. For more info and details on how to play slots, visit where you will find useful tips! And of course, the progressive jackpots of online slots can be huge! Just check out the machines reviewed on and you will soon realize that you could run away with a much better deal in the end - or maybe not, who knows?

Because of the instant gratification factor and ease of use, online casinos and game shows are here to stay. In the end, there is only one question – Deal or No Deal?

Best slot games in 2018

Slot games are fun and a real adventure for the real gamblers. Whether you are playing for money or not, the amusement you get from slot games is unique and incomparable. Following are the best slot games in 2018, and if you feel like trying these out visit and get started.

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah offers up some of the most profitable progressive jackpot bonuses. The game is correlated to Microgaming's exciting progressive jackpot system, providing millions of dollars to players. Recently, Mega Moolah mobile has paid out a wide range of impressive jackpots. Being one of the only progressive jackpot games in the mobile market, it is no wonder that so many players have flocked to download this title to their mobile phones.

2. Cricket star

This is another slot game that is full of surprises. This slot game also throws up a few odd deliveries with the Wild Wickets feature which will randomly change the second and third reels into expanded wilds or even fourth reels. This will also ensure a winning combination. Cricket is also well-known for being the national sport in India. No doubt Indian online casinos offer the game to their players. Check for more details.

3. Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a fantastic slot game that has excellent bonus features. Creation Lab free spins gives you the opportunity to win frozen wilds for 3 times as well as consecutive wins with the Rolling Reels. There is also an Indominus feature that can give you a bonus of up to 1,000 times your stake depending on your luck.

There is such a massive range of different slot games, so you can be sure to find the one that suits you and your budget. If you are a slots fan, a site that you need to check is as Yukon Gold Casino offers a wide selection of games.

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